The most inexpensive total carefree coverage you can buy!

For just pennies a day, monitoring adds an all important function to your security system by ensuring that someone at our central station is always there to hear your call for help – even when you are not there or unable to respond.

The central station is a fully computerized facility that combines the latest in technology with the highly trained professional staff, and are located locally in Dartmouth.

The ULC designation means that the station has achieved and maintains the standards set by the United Laboratories of Canada. The ULC criteria demand that the station have immediate emergency back-up for all systems including power, heating, communications and computers. ULC even requires that personnel be able to reside in the station for a minimum 7-day period. This ensures uninterrupted monitoring of your security / life safety system.

If you already have a security system installed, we can simply reprogram it (free of charge) to use our monitoring station.

No activation fee, no installation fee and no new equipment for you to learn – simple process that takes approximately 30 minutes, and you get the advantage of lower monthly monitoring fee and excellent technical support!

  • PNL Communications uses monitoring provided by Armstrong's Communication
  • Armstrong's is an independently owned and operated ULC (Burglar and Fire) listed alarm monitoring station which has been providing quality alarm monitoring services for over 20 years.
  • Fully Redundant Monitoring Set-Up With Two 7/24 Stations, Dartmouth & Moncton