Digital Signage / Digital Media

PNL digital media services bring you and your customer closer together. Whether you’re streaming news updates, or utilizing interactive way finding and lobby signage, today’s digital media is about more than sharing a message. It’s about engaging your audience.
Unlike traditional digital signage for advertising, digital media as a platform can do much more. Designed to go beyond the delivery of static information and advertising, digital media helps create new and innovative experiences, by sharing:

  • Inter-office communications
  • Training tools
  • Customer, patient, or citizen interaction
  • Directions and transportation information
  • Safety and security alerts

With new, scalable video display networks, robust content platforms and multichannel delivery options, our digital media solutions instantly carry your content anywhere. We partner with best of breed technologies to give your business a comprehensive digital media strategy that allows you to tailor your communications by providing dynamic messaging, quick customization and cost-saving delivery to reach your target audience.

  • Have the right screen in the right place makes all the difference.
  • When you need to make an impression in business. Size does matter….
  • From Single to multiple displays, you want to make sure it is done right.