Video Conferencing

Collaboration through video conferencing and telepresence is essential in today’s business environment. Video expands your reach, overcoming the barriers of time and distance to create an integrated working environment across multiple locations.

PNL has partnered with Vidyo and together we can design, build and support solutions that are both scalable and flexible.  Vidyo provides a HD experience that can work effectively over low bandwidth and can even work with our existing VC infrastructure.  Vidyo allows you to easily connect your desktop and mobile users into your meetings.

We specialize in solutions that cater to the following markets…

  • Healthcare / Tele-Health
  • Education – K-12, Higher education
  • Small and Medium Businesses

The key benefits of Vidyo to the customer include ease of use, high quality; reduce costs over traditional hardware based solutions.   All this with the ability to connect anywhere, anytime you will soon see a high adoption rate which translates into improved productivity across the entire organization.


  • Schools see the benefits of reaching out to other students from all over the world. We are making this experience feel natural as if you could be in the same room.
  • With Video Conferencing , field trips can take you anywhere in the world…
  • Connecting to many people at once can be very powerful and useful without breaking the bank.
  • Whether you are at home, in the office, or travelling we have solutions to keep you connected and it is easy and affordable.
  • Medical community are seeing the benefits of having of getting quick access to the right person can save lives….
  • The need for video conferencing is growing Tele-health is a key area. PNL can make this happen.